winter is coming

hello, wonderful friends.

I’m writing to you from Tokyo on the last day of our travels here in Japan and I hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of the winter season and all of the special days therein.

Winter is a time of planning for me. It is for cups of tea and calendars and timelines and turning the ground before the seeds can be sown. I’m going to commit myself to writing more personally.  No one needs another marketing email in their inbox and as we’re well in to my 10th year of traveling the world and sharing music with you, we’re at least friends by now I’d hope. I’d love to hear how you are doing too. There are a handful of people who write back when I send these emails and if you’re so compelled, please do. I love to read them. It makes this all feel a little less like shouting into the void.

My mind wants everything to line up and take its turn, but that’s never the way, is it?  It all comes tumbling down one thing after another until you’re gasping for breath and looking back at the last few months in wonder and a bit of confusion.  If only the rules of the water fountain followed us from elementary school to adulthood.  We leave here tomorrow and head home to wintry Maine to celebrate the launch of a very exciting album East to the West, from Josephine County.  Some of you may know that music and performing has been a challenge for me over the last little while and I can honestly say that my time with these friends and playing this music is slowly repairing what had been tearing and breaking the last few years.  I am so proud of the album that we made and if you’d like to order it, we’re selling it until Nov 30 with free shipping worldwide.  Then it goes away until the release concert on Dec 7 in Portland, Maine.  You’re all invited to that as well.  We’ll make room.

One more quick thing to include and then I’ll go find some dinner and start repacking my suitcase.  As many of you know, I’ve been traveling to Japan with The Hanz Araki Band for 5 years now and we recorded an album for specific release in Japan while we are touring.  We sold a limited number of copies of this album while we were in the Pacific Northwest (which we’ll be shipping out on Friday) but we have managed to fit 44 additional copies into our bag to bring home.  This album is not available for download (and won’t be), but if you’d like a copy for your collection, we’ll send it to you with free shipping until they are all gone.

There’s more to tell you, but I’ll write again later in the month with what’s in store for 2019. Hint: it includes flowers, cats, and traveling the world to sing songs.

with love,

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