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Hello and welcome back to the news page here at Colleen Raney headquarters.  Yesterday’s news has been archived here and we’ll keep you posted on what’s coming up next or what’s going on right now on this page.  Which brings us to our first and only business of the day…. the cd launch concert for Standing in Doorways!

Please join us on Friday, August 24th at Frontier in Brunswick, Maine for a wonderful night of friends and music to celebrate the release of our 5th studio album in 10 years.  Pretty great for a kid who fell in love with Irish music because she mostly wanted to hang out with her brother more. Tickets here:

Joining us for the bulk of the show will be album guitarist Bethany Waickman and flute, whistle, shakuhachi player and singer Hanz Araki.  And just today we sorted out that Josephine County will be making a very special appearance at the show for some songs and tunes as well.  It’s going to be a great time and I do hope you’ll join us.

And now please enjoy a photo of a giant cabbage from my garden.  I’ll write again soon.


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