The Turning of the Year

hello, friends.

It was so nice to hear from so many of you who responded after last month’s email! Thank you for that. It has been lovely to chat and remember some of the wonderful places where I met some of you!  We woke up to about 5 inches of wet snow this morning so we’re about to go see what we can do about digging out in advance of a freeze that’s expected. This is a familiar routine around here.

Last night we celebrated Thanksgiving with a handful of friends since we were in Japan on the holiday again this year.  Hanz ran to the store to pick up a couple of onions for me and laughed at himself a bit because in our minds we were so set in the holiday reality that he was expecting the store to be busy with other Thanksgiving shoppers.  Thankfully it wasn’t and we’re awash in leftover Turkey sandwiches today – the best part of some of these traditions!

In just a couple of weeks Hanz and I head over to Dingle to record a very special album that some of you may have heard about already.  2018 marked Hanz’s 30th year playing music professionally and he is recording his first solo album in 5 years to celebrate.  He is also recording in Ireland for the first time in his career, and as many of you know, when I made that decision in 2013, it was transformative.  I am so excited he is able to do this.  And I would like to ask for your help in making this album happen.  If you would buy this album when it is out, would you consider ordering it in advance?  Or some of his hand roasted coffee? Or any number of other perks that are available.  

Looking ahead to 2019, January is full of recording with Hanz and getting seeds all started on the flower farm. I’ll be on the road in February in the Pacific Northwest with Josephine County!  We’ll be releasing East to the West in Seattle, Portland, Bellingham, Port Townsend, Bainbridge, and more over the first week of the month. March brings a wonderful show with the inimitable Winifred Horan with whom I toured in Solas. April I am finally going to release my own CD in the Pacific Northwest over a handful of dates with Hanz and Cary Novotny. It’s been a while since we had a chance to play together and I’m really looking forward to it.  May sends me back South with Josephine County, and June brings us to the 2nd Annual Little Sea Folk Festival!  My entire tour schedule is here, if you’d like to join us for a show or three.

I’m off to do a little plumbing now while Hanz does the shoveling.  I wish I was kidding.  Wish me luck!  And I hope you have a wonderful holiday season as we approach this longest night of the year and all of the transformations it holds for all of us.

with lots of love,

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